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The Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) is a non-profit organization that connects science, business, and policy with the goal of building sustainable and resilient communities. Leveraging the power of enterprise, BES aims to create and sustain functional physical environments (built and natural) that provide for human needs and foster prosperity for all, while ensuring the integrity of ecosystems. Recognizing ecology as the bedrock of human survival and well-being, we pay special attention to climate change, biodiversity, natural resources and landscapes.

We work towards building what we call “impactscapes” – landscapes that function and provide for its inhabitants, and support harmonious and sustainable lifestyles in rural and urban areas. We assert that ecology and environment are not external to the human experience, but that all human life exists within ecology. Thus, it is our aim to shift mindsets and re-imagine humankind’s place in the ecosystem.

Our Impactscapes at work


fruit tree saplings planted in three districts in Bhutan


Community members engaged in Moringa Plantation