The Bhutan Ecological Society organized a 3-day workshop on ‘Defining an Environmental Research Agenda for Bhutan’ from 10-12 August 2022. Against the backdrop of all the transformations which Bhutan is embarking on, it is imperative that the academic community of Bhutan rises up to cogently address present and forthcoming challenges. It is really time, that as a country, we have the courage to honestly look at ourselves and ask the big questions which matter to us. And of course, more importantly to be able to put in place and build the frameworks and the capacity to provide those answers. The objectives of the workshop are to;

  • Define key challenges and forecasts risks,
  • Prioritize ‘what we need to know? / ‘what do we not know?’
  • Define research focus areas from now till 2030.

Participants from the Government agencies, civil society and the colleges from the Royal University of Bhutan attended the workshop.