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Issue 5

Issn No ISSUE2023

Issued On 2023


The effect of soil nutrients on tree diversity in different habitats was assessed in Bjagchog under Chukha Dzongkhag with the aim to assess tree species diversity, determine the relationship between tree diversity and soil nutrients in different habitats, and assess people’s knowledge on the effect of soil nutrients on tree diversity in the study area. Tree species data were collected systematically from a total of 30 plots (10 plots of 20 x 20m in each habitat type) along a transect line with 100m between each plot. Representative soil data was obtained from 15 plots for nutrient analysis. A random sampling method was used to collect social data. A total of 45 tree species from 34 different genera and 25 families were recorded in the study area. The highest species number (n=20), tree diversity, uniformity, and richness were recorded from the semi-disturbed habitat (H=2.54, J=0.85 & Dmg=3.58). One-way ANOVA showed a significant difference in tree species diversity between different habitats (p=0.002). Spearman’s rho correlation test showed a significant correlation between species number and altitude. CCA biplot showed that soil-K was the most influential edaphic factor for the tree species maximum. The chi-square test found no significant association between gender, age, and annual income with the effect of tree diversity on soil nutrients (p > 0.05).

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