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Issue 3

Issn No 2410-3861

Issued On 2018


The ‘Birds of Bhutan’ (BoB) is a citizenscience Facebook forum that was created in October 2015. It is a platform for exchanging information related to bird species in Bhutan. The Forum had more than 3000 members as of 30th September, 2016. Members comprised of birders from Bhutan and birding visitors from around the globe. The members voluntarily contribute bird information to the forum along with photographic evidence. This first annual report is synthesized based on the posts made by the members of this online group. The Forum was created with an objective to build and expand the knowledge base on the birds of Bhutan through documentation of bird diversity by observation, photography, and sharing of information. The ultimate aim of the Forum is to promote awareness, educate people on birds, monitor, and contribute to bird conservation. The Forum also contributes to the creation of knowledge over the years about the birds’ migration patterns, breeding habitats, and population trends.

Every post made on the Forum was reviewed by experts and documented.

The Forum documented 351 species of birds between 2015 and 2016 out of which a few are threatened bird species in Bhutan.

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