Climate change is rapidly unravelling in the Himalayas with significant consequences for water availability and energy security.

Bhutan has one ofhe highest per capita availability of water in the world. Yet, across both urban and rural Bhutan, individual households and communities suffer from acute shortage of drinking water, and water for agriculture. The availability and abundance of this critical resource is being further compromised by climate change.

We will, in partnership with the Government, local authorities and communities, innovate and pilot scalable and climate resilient water solutions across water scarce rural Bhutan. Within urban landscapes, we will research, support policy formulation and pilot technology to ramp up efficient delivery and use.

We will champion renewables and help unleash the potential of solar, wind and biomass based energy. The timing is opportune given technological breakthroughs and cost competitiveness of solar, wind and biomass in relation to hydropower.

Working with the Government, multi-lateral partners and local communities, we will pilot and upscale renewables across Bhutan to create and build community energy banks which will help buffer reliance on hydropower and add to Bhutan’s energy endowment. Doing so, we will light and bring the benefits of energy to the last unconnected communities in Bhutan.