Pema Wangchug is the Associate Director of the DRIVE (DHI Research and Innovation Venture Excellence) Division for Druk Holding and Investments Limited (DHI), the National Holding Company of Bhutan. DRIVE is working towards establishing collaborative applied and fundamental research initiatives in areas of science, technology, and innovation at both a national and international level. DRIVE also includes the Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck Super FabLab (JNWSFL.) JNWSFL is the 2nd Super Fab Lab in the world, providing unique digital fabrication tools and services to its community. It currently consists of four different labs – focused on laser, carpentry, electronics production, and industrial graded work. A Chevening Scholar, Wangchug completed a Master’s of Science in Business Analytics at Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom and graduated with Distinction. Wangchug is an avid technology enthusiast who enjoys seeing where tech innovation will continue to lead humanity to.