Kinley Wangchuk (Ganchu) likes to think of himself as an artist whose expressions come in the form of entrepreneurship. At 27, he quit a government job, working as an engineer and started a one man run radio station (to begin with). He did not enjoy the music being aired on the government owned radio station, so in 2007 he started the first privately owned radio station in Bhutan.

His generation was deprived of a platform to sing and play live music, so he started the first live music club and named it ‘Mojo Park’. His latest start-ups are ‘Azha Pasa’ and ‘Sibjam’. Both are e-commerce platforms. Azha Pasa is on a mission to make the Bhutanese marketplace more efficient and customer oriented, so as to disrupt the culture of over pricing and the take it or leave it attitude towards customers. Sibjam is on a mission to make Bhutan self-sufficient in food by the use of data technology and a proper supply chain management system. In his talk, he shares his experiences and what worked for him in building his businesses through digital marketing.