We are a non-profit organization that connects science, business, and policy with the goal of building and sustaining resilient communities and functional landscapes. Leveraging the power of enterprise, BES aims to create and sustain functional physical environments (built and natural) that provide for human needs and foster prosperity, while ensuring the integrity of ecosystems. Over the next decade, we will create and sustain impactscapes, large landscapes, both rural and urban, which are functional and provide for food, energy, water and species. Such impactscapes will create jobs, increase self-sufficiency, build resilient communities, proactively adapt to climate change and ensure the persistence of biodiversity. We will pilot, demonstrate and upscale climate adaptation strategies in collaboration with communities, academia, civil society and the government. We will continue to deliver innovative environmental education programs and address key policy, applied and basic science research needs.

Premise: Doing What Matters

We will put land to productive use

Bhutan’s available arable land is a paltry 3.7% of its total land cover. Over the next decade, we will promote and cultivate high value trees and associated crops in at least 10%, about 2200 hectares, of fallow land.

We will help ensure functional integrity of large forest landscapes

Forests cover about 71% of Bhutan’s total land area. About 5%, 198400 hectares, are managed for commercial harvesting of timber within Forest Management Units (FMUs). We will help ensure that these large forest landscapes are effectively managed.

We will help build smarter

Construction in Bhutan has witnessed rapid growth in the last two decades, resulting in the building sector gutting more than a third of total energy consumed in Bhutan. We will spur a new generation of energy efficient buildings with innovative designs and materials.

We will champion solar & renewables

Hydropower, Bhutan’s dominant export and primary producer of electricity, is becoming increasingly erratic and unpredictable due to climate change. We will help unleash the potential of solar, wind and biomass based energy, piloting community energy banks to buffer our reliance on hydropower

We will innovate and pilot water solutions

Bhutan has one of the highest per capita availability of water in the world, yet households and communities suffer from acute shortage of water for drinking and agriculture. We will, innovate and pilot scalable and climate resilient water solutions across Bhutan, and ramp up efficient delivery and use.

We will deliver environmental education, promote science & discourse

Education is the single most important intervention that can help ensure a more verdant and just world. We will help deliver innovative environmental education programs for national and international students. Through our Center for Climate and Sustainable Futures, we will address key policy, applied and basic science research needs. We will continue to promote science and discourse and strive towards building a community of environmentally conscious and engaged citizens.