“The building sector alone in Bhutan accounted for almost 42% of domestic electricity consumption in 2014. However, globally, buildings and construction together consume close to 36% of all energy use and generate nearly 39% of all energy-related GHG emissions”.
An insightful report on Enabling an Energy Efficient Built Environment in Bhutan is released and available for the public at  http://bes.org.bt/publications/reports/

News & Events

“Zero Waste Hour” Observed

The Bhutan Ecological Society observed 2nd “Zero Waste Hour” on 4th...

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“Fruits for all” Initiative Implemented in Wangdue

The Bhutan Ecological Society (BES) supported 26 schools and the Technical...

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A group of Program Advisers from various US universities visited Bhutan

A group of 14 student study abroad Program Advisers from the...

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